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Shoreham & Lancing

Shoreham & Lancing

Lancing / Widewater/ Shoreham Beaches

Lancing and Widewater beaches consist of shingle beaches with rock groynes and mainly sandy seabed. 

The further East the deeper the water gets and are open beaches.  

These venues are popular summer spots and Maddies and Mackerel baits can account for a vast amount of species throughout the year including Golden Grey Mullet, Flounders, Bass, Whiting, Plaice,  Garfish, Mackerel, Black Bream, Undulate Rays, Sole, Gurnards, Scads, and Red Mullet.  Codling and Congers are also regularly taken late Summer. Live baiting accounts for some very big Bass.

There is a Car Park at Lancing on Beach Green and Widewater car park which both are pay and display. There is also plenty of street parking available.

Shoreham Harbour

Shoreham Harbour consists of the East and West Arm and both can be fished 24 hours a day over both low and high water.

In summer both of the venues fish very similarly and produce Garfish, Mackerel, Mullet, Scads and Sole at night, Bass, Plaice, Smoothhounds, Undulate Rays, Pout, Gurnards, Flounders and Black Bream.

Float fishing with Mackerel as bait proves successful for the Gars, Mackerel and Scads whereas bottom fishing accounts for most of the other species with all worm, fish baits, and crab taking fish.

Live baiting accounts for some very big Bass every year. Always worth taking a net to land any bigger fish targeted.

The West Arm is manned during daylight hours and there is a small charge to fish and Blue filtered headlights only be used whilst night fishing.

Some sheltered fishing spots within the mouth of the Harbour include Soldiers Point and Kingston Beach both within a short walk of car parking facility. The River itself can produce superb catches of flounders during the winter months with Cuckoos Corner the hotspot. Red Rag and Peeler crabs are the most commonly used baits at these venues for Flounders, Eels, Bass, and various types of Mullet.  Plenty of Spots within the Harbour for LRF anglers to fish and plenty of small species to be caught.

The nearest car park for the West Arm is Forthaven which is pay and display and the West arm is within a 300 yards walk. The East Arm requires a longer walk from a pay and display car park along the seafront road.

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