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Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove Beaches

From February these beaches are capable of producing good sized plaice to worm baits, generally clear seas and settled weather produce the best results.

In the summer months access to the beach can be limited due to the vast number of people on the beaches and in the water. Evening fishing will produce Mackerel, Plaice, Sole, Bass, Eels, Black Bream and many other species. During windy weather Bass can show when good surf is running and can be caught both at low and high water. Good Sized Undulate Rays are a possibility. 

Whiting, Codling, Rockling, Flounders will make up the mainstay of the winter fishing catches.

Parking is available along the coast road but can be very expensive and differs in areas where you park.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina allows fishing on both the East and West Arms, the Eastern arm being the longer of the two and they both enable access to deep water.

Fish can be caught along their entire length and fish can be caught close to the structure itself.

Early spring sees the arrival of Plaice to black lug, king rag, strips of squid

The West Arm generally covers a rocky seabed whereas the East Arm has considerable more sand with only the inshore section featuring large area of rock.

In summer Mackerel can be caught in large numbers as they shoal up along the arms, Garfish , Pollack, Wrasse, Black Bream, Scads, Eels, Mullet, Sole, Plaice plus some very big Bass are taken on various baits. Small species such as Pout, Blennies and Scorpion fish can be caught fishing beneath the rod tip.

During winter months Whiting, Pouts, Rockling, Dabs and Flounders are the mainstay of the fishing with the odd Codling making a welcome appearance.

A bonus of fishing on the marina at certain times of the year dependant on conditions is the chance to fish for squid using squid jigs and even lobsters are a possible bycatch.

Due to the depth of Water fishing can take place at both high and low water with only some areas inshore being exposed at low water.

Always worth taking a Landing Net to aid landing any good sized fish. 

The Marina opening times are weather dependent and depending on wind direction and strength one or both arms could be closed on any given day and is often in need of maintenance so allows worth checking before your visit.

There is a fee to pay for fishing both of the arms.  

Car parking at the Multi-storey is free and is within a short walk of the West Arm but the East Arm is a good 15 minute walk from here. 

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