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Tronixpro Competition Match GT 3pc

Original price £479.99 - Original price £499.99
Original price
£479.99 - £499.99
Current price £479.99

Designed to cover most beach fishing situations, the Match GT has plenty of power to cast weights right through its casting ratings. A solid carbon hybrid tip lies in-between those of the Competition Match HT and ST rods, making it the real all-rounder of the Competition Match range. It’s equally comfortable hauling big fish such as cod and rays or scratching around for bites when after whiting and flatfish. If you’re in the market for a rod to do it all, then this is the one.

Constructed with the unique Nano Graphene Matrix material, this 40ton carbon from Mitsubishi is a hundred times stronger than steel of the same thickness. It gives the rod increased recovery, higher strength, and more sensitivity. The rod is rung with Fuji CC Framed KWAG guides which eliminate line twist for smoother, efficient, and greater casting distances as well as a quality Fuji DPS reel seat. A reflective tip helps to identify bites at night while a rubberised, non-slip, spiralled ergonomic handle provides comfort when casting. An Easy Joint system helps you to correctly line up rod sections.