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Tronixpro Banzai FS8000 | 8000

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Beach casting fixed spool reel which is a good fit for any three-piece and two-piece beachcaster designed for fixed spool use. Primarily a clean to mixed ground shore fishing reel that features a long cast spool and slow oscillation system which helps lay line evenly on the spool and leaves the spool efficient for increased casting distances. A worm shaft gearing system provides more torque and eliminates the effects of movement on the gearing when playing fish, making it strong and durable when playing bigger fish. In conjunction with the 7+1 ball bearings, the worm shaft also makes the reel smooth when retrieving and playing fish. A pinpoint accurate drag system allows you to set the drag for the intended species precisely; it features a quick drag system too. This is useful if you’re fishing for species that are likely to run, allowing you to set a light drag that can be quickly set before striking into the fish with half a turn. The reel body is made from graphite, and combined with the stainless-steel gearing, helps to eliminate corrosion when used in saltwater.