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Tronixpro Banzai Boat

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A tight range of three boat rods that will cover most boat fishing situations. All rods are built to a long tip, short butt configuration, this helps the rod to maintain a consistent and smooth power curve throughout the blank. All rods are 8ft in length, constructed from lightweight 24T carbon, making them effortless to hold throughout a whole day’s fishing. Each rod is fitted with a Fuji DPS reel seat and quality O guides.

The 6/12lb class offers excellent bite detection and is ideal for light drift fishing, especially over sandbanks for flatfish, rays and whiting. It is also a good, light tackle general ground fishing rod and is a good choice when working lures across reefs and wrecks.

The 12/20lb class is suited to general drift fishing, especially when fishing in deeper water after larger species such as rays, brill and turbot. The extra power is ideal for fishing for tope, spurdog and smoothhound whilst at anchor, as well as reef and wreck fishing.

The 20/30lb class is designed for deep water fishing and when fishing in fast tides. The rod features plenty of reserve power in the butt and mid-section which make it ideal for fishing deep water wrecks for conger, cod and ling.