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IMA Sasuke Reppa

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Another long casting lure in the Sasuke range, the Sasuke Reppa 120 is the lure of choice when bass are feeding on baitfish at the surface. It has a compact body that includes two moving tungsten weights inside, these weights move when the lure is in flight during the cast giving it extra distance. They also enhance the audible attraction of the lure when it is being worked and add stability in rougher conditions. Being a compact, streamlined lure, it is deadly accurate, allowing you to cast with pinpoint precision to where the bass are feeding. The lure works at between 70 and 90cm and a rolling action, making it ideal for targeting bass that are feeding on deep shoals of bait fish at the surface. Testament to this lure’s prowess with bass fishing, it has won consecutive tackle of the year prizes over the past seven years in Japanese lure fishing magazine, Lure Magazine Salt. The lure comes fitted with size 6 Owner treble hooks and size 3 split rings. Weighs 17g with a length of 120mm.