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IMA Komomo II

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A floating, shallow diving lure that works in the sub-surface layers down to 20cm, allowing it to be fished in very shallow water and above reefs, rocks and weedy areas away from snags and in estuaries. It features internal weights that allow the lure to cast easily, even in strong wind. When in the water, these weights balance the lure, help with audible attraction and influence the lures action. A lure that bass find irresistible, each lure has a colouration that provides shimmer and will flash as the lure moves through the water. Action wise, a slow retrieve will see the lure producing a wide, snaking action. The Komomo II is at home in calm waters, where its shallow swimming action brings the best out in the lure. Holding the rod up slightly and retrieving slowly will have the lure working just below the surface, ideal for bass that are working on or just below the surface. The cut face creates a subtle cup on the front of the lure that attracts bass with sound, subtle splashes and water spurts that make the lure act like a popper. The lure comes equipped with two size 3 Owner treble hooks and size 3 split rings, it measures 110mm and weighs 15g.