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IMA Chappy

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A top water lure from IMA that has been designed for the walk the dog style retrieve. The design was supervised by IMA Pro Staffer Hitoshi Suzuki to ensure the lure created plenty of surface layer action, the ideal lure for snaring actively feeding bass. The lure is used in a quick walk the dog action, it features two rattles and creates natural splashes and bubbles on the retrieve. This massive amount of attraction is designed to bring in inquisitive bass from a wide area. It has an easy to use walk the dog action, it can be worked slow or fast and the small, slanted, cupped face will create a natural splash and bubble action, for more commotion, simply work it harder. It is tail weighted and has a compact, streamlined body shape that gives it the edge when casting, allowing you to cover a wide area as well as being highly accurate to pinpoint certain fish activity or likely fish holding features. It comes equipped with two size 3 Owner trebles, size 3 split rings, weighs 18g and measures 100mm.