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Fiiish Mud Digger 65mm Combo

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£6.49 - £6.99
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UNIQUE HEAD WITH 3 ACTIONS - Keeps the lure horizontal during a pause in the anglers action just a few centimetres off the bottom, a position that is deadly for predators. The jig heads flat surface on its underside slows the descent of the lure and amplifies its body action. The head lands naturally, keeping the body slightly up off the bottom.
INCREASED PERFORMANCE - The opening in the body where the hook exits is designed to increase flexibility and responsiveness. This opening is also a great marker to help the angler position the hook without any issues. The opening also preserves the body, reducing any rips or tares that can happen when hooking soft lure bodies.
REVERSE PADDLE - The tapered body and the small upward paddle tail produces a highly responsive tail and natural swimming action. The smallest of movements will have the lure becoming lively and attractive! It also helps to give the lure even more action when it descends through the water column.
THREE JIG HEADS - Shore - Developed to fish in shallow waters. Offshore - Designed to maintain the lure with an angle to the bottom, imitates prey sifting the bottom. Deep - A denser jig head designed to crash through the water quickly to reach the bottom.