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Cyansky Pro Multi Colour Hunting Flashlight | 1300 Lumens | 600m

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A versatile, long-range light that can switch light colour between white, red and green. The white light is useful when you want to illuminate something in the distance and make it highly visible. The red light will preserve your night vision. Red is less harsh on your eyes at night while still illuminating enough to see what you’re doing. When you switch off the red light, your eyes don’t take as much time to readjust to the dark. Red light is also less visible to animals, which makes this the perfect hunting and fishing torch. Finally, the green light is a mixture of the two, it allows you to have good vision without requiring your eyes to readjust to the night-time and without spooking animals. This is particularly important if you’re night fishing in clear water close in, the red and green lights will make you less obvious and won’t spook the fish. These different light combos can be easily adjusted using the colour switch ring at the back of the torch head. The torch has a long, narrow, spotlight beam and a strobe function.

The light produces 1300 lumens and can reach 600m. It comes in a tough body that will withstand impact when dropped from a height of 2m and it has an IPX8 rating so is submersible up to 2m. A side and tail switch allow you to switch on the torch however you pick it up.