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Selsey has three main areas where fishing takes place and there is nearly always one beach that would be sheltered from the winds at any one time.

The East Beach

A venue that is popular due to being protected from strong South-West or Westerly winds but large areas of the beaches are hampered by boats and moorings within casting distance. There are some fishable beaches dotted between the obstructions so always recommend visiting the venue before fishing in daylight to reduce the chance of tackle loss.

Species to target include a variety of Rays including Undulates, Spotted, Sting Rays and even odd Blonde Rays have been caught, Codling, Pout, Whiting, Bass, Wrasse, good numbers of Black Bream up to 4lb are achievable, and Mackerel, Garfish, Scads, Smoothhounds, Congers, and Dogfish are never far away. Occasional Tope are hooked but are more realistic target from the Town’s West Beach.

This stretch of beach can be fished both over low and high water and over both periods can see strong tidal runs depending on the area you are fishing and the weather and height of tide. During this time weed can be a problem but can vanish as soon as it appears.

A short cast can see you fishing in relatively deep water.

There is plenty of residential street parking available within a short walk of the beach.

The West Beach

Smoothhounds and occasional Tope are the main summer targets here with crab baits accounting for Smoothhounds whilst Tope can be targeted with large fish baits although suitable tackle strong enough to land them needs to be used. Pout, Bass and Rays are other fish that feature prominently. Mackerel and Scad will show during the Summer with early morning and evening best time to target them.

The West Beach generally fishes 3 hours either side of high tide although fish can still be caught at low tide but can mean fishing on the sand exposed dependant on how low the tide is.

The favoured spots are near Bunn Leisure Complex and heading towards Bracklesham but Parking access is restricted so be prepared for a longer walk.

The Point

The Point is favoured to be more of a low tide venue which can be fished a couple of hours either side of low tide. Strong tide and weed can make the venue unfishable at times over high water.

This spot offers Codling, Bass and dogfish in winter, whilst summer can produce good numbers of Black Bream and Bass. Congers can be caught just eastwards of the point to large baits.

There is plenty of free on street parking available.

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