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Bognor Regis & Pagham

Bognor Regis & Pagham

Bognor Regis and Pagham are two very productive marks located on the South Coast.

In early summer months, some very good sized Black Bream are caught, along with Wrasse, Pout, Dogfish, Bass, Mullet, Sole, and Undulate Rays. Some Codling and Congers turn up late summer.

These venues can produce some Stingrays with a very realistic chance of catching a fish close to the British Record. Pagham at times can produce good numbers of Smoothhounds with fish into double figures a good possibility.

Tides can be quite strong and weed can be a problem an hour or so either side of high tide.

All beaches from Pagham including Aldwick and Bognor Regis plus the town's Pier all produce similar results. Pagham beach is a mixture of sand and clay seabed whilst Bognor Regis has plenty of sand with areas of large rocks towards Aldwick.

Good all round baits for these beaches are Crab, Mackerel, Squid, King Rag & Lugworms.

Some beaches between Pagham and Aldwick have limited access due to Private Housing Estates whereas Bognor seafront has Pay and Display parking available along the coast road.

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