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Tronixpro Wrap & Strap

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A unique, lightweight rod sling suitable for the mobile angler, upgraded with better, stronger material for 2023. This simple but effective design can strap a couple of rods and a rod rest together with the two securing points at either end of the Wrap and Strap. A comfortable shoulder strap allows you to then put the wrapped-up rods and rod rest over your shoulder, freeing up your arms to carry other luggage items. Each of the securing points has a strong self-fastener wraps to ensure that rods are kept secure when transporting. Each rod wrap has a nylon pull tab to make it easier to unfasten the wraps, especially in cold weather or when wearing gloves.

This is a fantastic, lightweight rod sling that is perfect if you're a rock-hopping angler or when long walks are required to get to a mark. It is also ideal if you're a boat angler, allowing you to carry rods to the boat, freeing both hands for other luggage items. It packs down to a neat, compact package so it can be stored in a bag or tackle box during the session, out of the way. Carp and coarse anglers will find this an excellent alternative to a standard rod holdall, being lightweight and easy to grab made up rods from, it can make the mobile and stalking angler as efficient as possible.