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Tronixpro Floating Round Bead

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Super buoyant beads designed to float bigger baits and hooks. They're available in both round and oval versions. The oval versions come on a wired spur which helps with application to the line. The rubber stops are slightly bigger than other brands and should fit snood line up to 0.50mm. There are round versions available in the same colours to suit your preference, which are loose and not on the metal spur.

Floating beads have a wide range use for boat and shore anglers, they have superior buoyancy that allows them to add lift to most baits, just add more and larger beads to give lift to bigger baits and larger hooks. They're perfect for fishing above crabs in areas notorious for them such as estuaries. Flatfish love the attraction they provide, and they're a deadly rig component to add when fishing for flounder, plaice, dabs, and turbot. When fishing slightly off the bottom, they'll prove a menace for bream, pollack, whiting and pouting. When fished on a longer trace, they'll float baits high into the water column to target mackerel and garfish.