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Tronixpro Blaze CXI

Original price £239.99 - Original price £249.99
Original price
£239.99 - £249.99
Current price £249.99

A unique blank that brings a new dimension to three-piece rods by featuring three, unequal sections. The butt is the shortest, the middle the longest and the tip the middle-sized section. Spigot joints naturally disrupt the smooth transfer of power through a blank. By making the butt shorter, we bring the first spigot lower down the rod enabling the use of an extended mid-section. This mid-section can flex smoothly and evenly during the cast to produce a slightly slower, but more efficient blank that is ultra-easy to cast. Featuring a hybrid tip, it offers excellent bite detection regardless of the distance you’re fishing. It is a fantastic clean beach rod in calm and moderate seas, ideally suited to casting weights in the range of 5 to 6oz. It’s perfect for species fishing including plaice, bream, dogfish, flounder, bass, mullet, rays and hounds.

The blank is constructed from 30ton carbon from Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi making it strong and lightweight, and it comes fitted with Fuji Alconite KWAG Guides, which help to reduce line twist and work well with a wide range of line diameters. The rest of the rod features an ergonomic grip for comfortable casting and a Fuji DPS reel seat with cushioned hood.