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Tronixpro Baiting Tool

Original price £3.99 - Original price £4.99
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£3.99 - £4.99
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An innovative baiting tool that makes perfect bait presentation easy to accomplish. The tool features three spikes, two of which are sharp spikes and the third which is hollow. The two sharp spikes are used to slide bait onto, while the third spike is used to position the hook point. With all three in place, simply whip elastic around the hook and bait while on the tool and then slide the bait and hook off the tool, to have a well-presented bait. The tool is ideal for use with all manner of baits, especially soft, mushy baits such as crab and mussel. It is also fantastic for use with fish baits, and when making cocktail baits, helping to keep everything together while it is bound to the hook. The tool comes in a medium which is perfect for most standard baits, and in large for creating bigger specimen baits and cocktails. All prongs are made from stainless steel so that they won't rust, the handle is heavy-duty plastic that has been ergonomically designed to fit a hand properly, and it comes with a push cap, to stop the prongs piercing anything it is stored next too.