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Savage Gear Surf Walker

Original price £9.99 - Original price £10.99
Original price
£9.99 - £10.99
Current price £9.99

The Surf Walker 2.0 is much more than a reintroduction of a former model – this is a complete overhaul that makes one of our best saltwater walking lures even better. This new and improved version of the Surf Walker casts up to 30% further than the original thanks to a completely redesigned weight system that also produces a more stable flight while in the air. We have also enhanced the walking action by up to 50%, so just the tiniest twitch of the rod will set it off dancing through the water and attracting nearby predators.

This new version comes in a wide range of stunning colours that also include an intense strike point near the tail composed of three UV red dots to imitate a wound. This target is just above the rear hook to help reduce the chance of missing bites.

We really believe the Surf Walker 2.0 has it all: a slim and enticing body, extreme walking action, incredible casting ability, and discreet appearance. You’ll be catching sea bass, bluefish, barracudas, leerfish and more in no time at all.