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Marukyu Power Mini Isome

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Mini ISOME uses the same soft material as the ISOME Soft. It has a thick and voluminous head with a thin tail and moves well when retrieving. Even small sections strongly stimulate the eating habits of fish. A bite-sized, soft lure that is very effective for a huge range of fish.

ISOME (Sand Worm) is one of the most popular saltwater fishing baits in the world. The realistic worm shape and natural movement makes it look alive and attractive to target fish. The fish can’t resist the unique flavour and smell which is pleasant to humans too! This is an attractive bait that has a long shelf life, ideal for keeping in your tackle bag to take advantage of opportunist fishing. There are four sizes and an assortment of colours so the worm can be chosen to the target species, method or conditions. It can be fished with a dropshot rig, on a jig head, running ledger or paternoster style. ISOME is versatile, it can be cut to any size to fit the rig, hook, tactics you are using. M - 20 per pack. L - 16 per pack. XL - 12 per pack.