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IMA Sasuke 105

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£19.99 - £21.99
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An all-round lure that is comfortable fishing in estuaries, surf beaches and in calmer situations such as harbours and bays. It has a small, bait fish style profile that bass find irresistible. This floating lure has a pronounced lip that allows it to dive and work at depths between 50 and 80cm, this allows you to target fish that are working just below or around the surface layers of the water. The Sasuke 105 has a set of dense, internal shifting tungsten ball weights that make this lure cast long distances and in strong winds, with ease, despite its small size. When working the Sasuke 105 it produces a tight, rolling action with a slow retrieve, with a fast twitch on the tail end of the lure. With a faster retrieve, the lure can be made to dart from side to side erratically. This gives you plenty of options to suit the speed and movement the bass won’t depending on the conditions you’re fishing in. The lure is fitted with size four, saltwater resistant hooks and size 3 stainless steel split rings. It weighs 13g with a length of 105mm.