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IMA iBorn 98F

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A slim profile, floating, shallow diving lure designed for fishing at long distances. The subtle vane on the front of the lure keeps the lure streamlined while a side keel helps to stabilise the flight altitude allowing the lure to reach extreme distances. This extra distances gives you plenty of options to cover a wide area of water and helps in shallow water, where casting distances to less spooky fish can often be the line between success and failure. This side keel also gets to work when in the water, again, giving the lure enhanced stability when worked through the water, allowing it to maintain its action even in rough water. The subtle vane makes the lure dive to a depth of less than 20cm and the lure is therefore perfect for fishing in shallow water such as in estuaries and over the top of a reef. It has a tight, aggressive wobble and its stubby profile perfectly mimics a wide range of bass prey. The lure comes fitted with two size 4 Owner treble hooks, size 3 split rings and weighs 13g with a length of 98mm.