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HTO Lure Game Rod

Original price £74.99 - Original price £94.99
Original price
£74.99 - £94.99
Current price £74.99

A complete series of multipurpose lure fishing rods that cover most lure fishing situations you're likely to encounter in both fresh and saltwater. We've tried hard to pack as much performance into these rods as we could while maintaining a low price. Each blank is a moderate fast action that combines a powerful mid and lower section with a sensitive tip. The powerful mid and lower section give the rod enough power to cast lighter lures a long way while giving you the power to set a hook and play a fish with full control. The sensitive tip provides an incredible amount of information, so you know precisely how your lure is performing out at the business end.

The blanks are lightweight and made from hi-grade carbon, fitted with single-legged SiC guides, a HTO reel seat and supplied in a cloth bag. There are six versions of the rod from a 2.4m, 7-25g version right the way up to a heavyweight 3m rod capable of casting up to 80g.

Lure Game 2.4M - 7-28g
Fits the needs of lure anglers who fish from rocks, estuaries and open beaches in calmer weather and fishing with lighter lures.

Lure Game 2.7M - 7-28g
All-round shore fishing rod, ideal for fishing with weightless soft plastics, hard baits and metals.

Lure Game 2.7M - 8-35g
More power to cast out bigger lures and for fishing in rougher weather conditions.

Lure Game 2.7M - 10-55g
When you need to go even bigger, this rod will cast heavier metal lures and jig heads with ease, excellent rod for when conditions are rough

Lure Game 3.0M - 20-60g
A longer rod for reaching long distance, the extra length helps to direct fish around snags when fishing in rough ground. A good rod for fishing in very rough sea conditions where you need extra power.

Lure Game 3.0M – 30-80g
The go-to rod for fishing with heavy lures and when targeting bigger fish. A good rock rod for targeting pollack, or when fishing for big predators like pike. Fantastic rod for working soft plastics in deep water in Norway.