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Breakaway Lightweight Match Sliders

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Breakaway Sea Match one way slider. Important information regarding fishing a slider rig ,make sure your end rig is secured to the sea bed with a good Breakaway grip lead as keeping a tight line to the rod tip is important, In match fishing only 3 hooks are allowed so if you cast 2 hooks on your distance rig only one hook is permitted on the slider rig, also dont fish the slider over rough ground were you may loose your end rig as line will always break behind the leader knot and when you reel in your slider rig will also be lost.The slider has many applications from fishing in close for Flounders ,Soles, Eels, Rockling etc to float fishing with long trace and floating beads to live bait fishing with a 20ft trace, I use a variety of leads on this rig depending on conditions,tides and target species.from a 3oz pyramid to a 1ounce round lead to keep the bait sliding down tide. Fishing this method can not only win matches, but is also fun to do,especially on steep beaches and beaches with inshore gulleys. 2 Per Pack.