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Breakaway Impact Lead

Original price £1.80 - Original price £2.35
Original price
£1.80 - £2.35
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The ultimate range of leads for todays match anglers. The aerodynamic design of the Impact lead helps put your bait out to the maximum distance and the wire formation keeps you there, where the fish are. This range of leads all use the Impact cone to release the baited hook from the integral bait clip on impact with the water. The advantage of this method is that you know when the bait becomes unclipped and as the bait travels through the water its forced onto the hook bend and not up the trace length. All good rigs would still incorporate a bait stop. DESIGNED BY NIGEL FORREST PROTECTED BY FULL BRITISH PATENT AND COPYRIGHT.
available uk only. unless included with other goods in parcel not to exceed 2kg to europe only
Larger orders can be arranged shipping by Fedex at cost

We are aware that in some areas and in some circumstances the heavier wire used in the new 150 and 170 leads is sometimes to powerful. our aim was to make a lead that would hold in all conditions and at maximum range with a strong tide but in achieving this we have found that fishing shorter distances with small tides getting these leads out of the bottom can be hard work, because of this we introduced the Luminous range which has the lighter wire that the original Impacts used,but have been asked by some anglers to offer the standard Impacts in light and heavy wire these are now listed in the options